GoCompliant GmbH

Tool Suite for

  • OpRisk & Process Management
  • Internal Control System (IKS)
  • Action Tracking

The challenges for risk and compliance frameworks are rapidly increasing: they absorb resources and require expensive expert knowledge. The introduction of tools can be a remedy, but that carries risks as well: complex configuration and costly customization make the implementation difficult; impractical and cumbersome handling put strain on users and risk culture; finally disproportionate maintenance costs and operational dependency from external providers loom.

The makers of the GoCompliant Tool Suite have collected several decades of specific experience relating to these challenges: Although the concept of the software follows the usual principles, the actual solution design is the result of countless practical insights that have been gained while working with thousands of users and processing more than half a million control tasks.

What has emerged is a tool suite that bears a plain and industry-independent design, whose strength is the unspectacular integration into everyday operations, that can be setup in a straightforward and linear way, that does not enforce a certain formal or methodological approach - but whose functional power is right at your fingertips and can be tapped into whenever needed.

Welcome to GoCompliant !