Mobirise Site Maker


In this option, you acquire a license for our Tool Suite. You install and operate the software in your own infrastructure. The purchase price scales with the number of modules and number of users. Furthermore, there is a yearly maintenance fee of 18% which ensures support and regular updates to the software.


In our cloud offering, we take care of operating and maintaining the software on our servers. These servers are located in modern Swiss datacenters (, which are  certified by ISO 27001 and satisfy the highest standards of information security, stability, band width and backup strategies. The software undergoes extensive automatic and manual testing in 3 testing stages before being deployed in production. One of these test environments (UAT) is available for you as well, so you can assure yourself before each update of the correct operation of the software.


Our team consists of software engineers, business analysts and experts for compliance and oprisk. We have known each other for a long time and together have several decades of experience with building and operating big software systems in the area of compliance, oploss and oprisk.
Thanks to this extensive experience we build software that targets the needs of day-to-day business. We value longterm benefit, maintainability, integrated data models and configurability where it counts.
Our expertise consists primarily in software development. Depending on the project we leverage a partner network of consultancy and auditing firms as well as independent consultants.