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Major Swiss Bank

Head Control and Tracking Systems, February 2017

«We use the GoCompliant Software since more than three years as the basis of our Control and Action Tracking Framework. The software convinced not only our control and action experts with its modular approach, flexibility and expandability, but also our endusers and line managers by its user-friendliness, structure and stability.

In collaboration with GoCompliant, our IT is continuously adding specific features for our bank. In doing so, we are leveraging the extendible approach of the software, and are therefore able to adapt the software exactly to our needs. Compared to our previously used platform, adaptations like this can be achieved with considerably reduced effort and for a fraction of the previous costs.

It is only recently that we have started to use a feature that the GoCompliant product offers out-of-the-box: The SmartControl functionality allows us to display data records during the control task execution that help the user to perform the control according to the enclosed guidance texts. This feature connects the control execution directly with the content to be controlled und thus increases significance, traceability and consistency. It is becoming already apparent that this feature is becoming a success and will be raising the already high quality of our controls to the next level.»

Asset Manager under FINMA oversight (CISA)

Executive Director, October 2016

«As an independent financial service provider for discreet mandates, fond management and sales we are under regulation by FINMA. This direct supervision gives our clients and partners great confidence in our competence, but means taking great responsibilites in the are of compliance and risk management. To perform these responsibilities efficiently and effectively in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, we rely on a comprehensive and central ICS framework.

As indispensable tool to ensure the execution and monitoring of our internal controls we use the Tool Suite from GoCompliant. We could implement the software transparently and flexibly into our organisation, and it has proven itself in daily operation as an adaptable, stable and very efficient tool. The Tool Suite is continuously developed further, and new functionalities to reduce manual tasks, such as Action Tracking, will be soon rolled out in our organization.

Therefore we are confident that we can meet the growing requirements for compliance and risk management in a user-friendly, efficient and effective way.»

Baumann & Cie Banquiers

Lucas Leu, Head Internal Revision, May 2016

«As an independent private bank we attach great importance to good collaboration not only with our clients, but also with our partners and suppliers. GoCompliant has not only convinced us with its software, which we could install and are operating without any complications, but also with its ServiceDesk, which answers our technical enquiries via phone, mail and web ticket competently and offers quick support in case of functional questions.»